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Cytringan is an ancient name for Kettering, Northamptonshire, dating back to 956AD.  The Cytringan Players, originally from Kettering, haven’t been around quite that long, but we have been presenting plays in Northamptonshire for 80 years.  We are a small group who like to perform a varied programme of exciting, challenging drama.
After many years of presenting plays to Kettering audiences, we have now made our home at the Studio Theatre at he Castle Theatre in Wellingborough, and enjoy the intimacy of the smaller venue.

Box Office 01933 270007

Production week normally runs as follows:
Sunday - ‘Get-In’ + Technical
Monday  - Rehearsal
Tuesday - Rehearsal or Performance
Wednesday to Saturday -  Performances
Saturday post-performance - ’Get-Out’
Sunday -  Scenery barn

We aim to do two major, full-length productions each year, usually in Spring and Autumn.


We have been keen participants in One-Act Play festivals, usually around May and June each year, with one ‘Showcase’ evening presented at the Studio Theatre in May, for our local audience. In recent years this has lapsed, but we do still  have the desire to continue with them once more - just need willing (and available!) participants. C’mon you lot - who’s up for it? The Cyts have a glorious history!


We have had notable successes at various Drama Festivals, and have been invited to take part in the National Drama Festivals Association’s British All-Winners Finals on several occasions.


We entered the Isle of Man Full-Length Festival as an extra production for our 70th anniversary year in 2006.  We were thrilled to win, and then took part in the All Winners Final 2006 at Woking.  We also successfully defended our title at the Isle of Man in 2007.

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