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Cytringan Players
Cyts News
The Committee has reluctantly decided that there will be no autumn production this year as no-one has come forward with a play that they would be prepared to direct.

The committee is also very aware that we are all getting older - all except two committee members are now retired, and one of those will shortly be moving away from Northamptonshire.

The society desperately needs new members, both actors and
directors, without which the group will inevitably wither and die.

Consequently, I have been asked to issue a plea with this newsletter, for all members to
try to recruit new members, in any capacity, to maintain the Cyts as a viable society.
I suspect that without your help and support, a decision on the continuation of Cyts will
need to be made, probably at this year’s Annual General Meeting in July.
In the meantime, we are keen to perform more Murder Mysteries, so if you would like to
become involved in one, or if you know of any groups who would like to host one of our Murder Mysteries, then please let me know.
My contact details are:- Phone 01933 623958 or email
Murder Mystery Evening
A Murder Mystery Evening was held at Fernie Fields Sports Club for the Overstone
Car Clubs on Saturday 10th February. The evening was a great success with many of
the audience dressing up in police themed costumes. A two course hot buffet was
provided at the interval, which was absolutely fantastic!. Unfortunately none of the
teams arrived at the correct answer, so the prizes had to given following some tiebreak
questions. Cyts received a £100 donation at the end of a very enjoyable