Winners of the British All Winners,

Glasgow International

& Isle of Man Drama Festivals

Cytringan Players

Heroes – 21-24 October 2009 at The Castle


Heroes is a play set in 1959 in a home somewhere in France for retired military men. First staged in Paris in 2002,


Heroes was a big hit for Gérald Sibleyras. "I've always been moved by the horror of the First World War," he says. "All those young people going to war and not realising what awaited them. I heard that the veterans, even at a relatively young age, were retired and lived in military hospitals for 20 or 30 years, so that seemed like a good subject to explore."  


The play has been translated into English by Tom Stoppard, and was a West End success in 2005.

Gustave, Philippe and Henri pass their time grumbling about Sister Madeleine, dreaming about young women and arguing over whether a statue of a dog is alive, until Gustave suggests one last sortie, to Indochina.


The three men - an agoraphobic, one with a game leg, and one with a piece of shrapnel lodged in his head - hatch a plan to make a break for freedom, and spend hours musing over their proposed trek, not to far continents, but a scaled-down version to the poplar trees on top of the hill.............

This is a gentle tale of bickering folk, described by the Daily Telegraph as “…hilarious and moving …achingly funny and piercingly sad.”

The Cast:         Wilf Portch                    Philippe

                       Peter Laughton              Gustave

                       Vince Perry                    Henri


Directed by:     Pat Bancroft




After the Dress Rehearsal, Peter was taken into hospital. Very poorly.


We’re pleased to say that he‘s now doing fine, so we’re all glad about that. And glad to see his sense of humour hasn’t dimmed.





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