Winners of the British All Winners,

Glasgow International

& Isle of Man Drama Festivals

Cytringan Players

The Weir, by Conor McPherson

directed by Rowena Fowler


10-13 March 2010

'The Weir' is set in a small rural bar in the west of Ireland. There is the proprietor and three 'regulars'. They know each other well, swap stories, drink and generally enjoy the 'craic'. But this night there is a difference. A young woman has just arrived in the district from Dublin - one of the four has arranged a property for her and is showing her round, giving rise to wagging tongues. She however is a model of pleasantness and restraint. The three customers tell stories, all with a supernatural element, perhaps to impress Valerie, perhaps to give her the 'flavour' of the region but other possibilities emerge.

The stories increase in seriousness and expose aspects of the tellers, vulnerabilities perhaps. Valerie then reveals a desperate experience in her own Dublin background and this immediately challenges the attitudes of the menfolk. Something other than the exchange of 'spooky' stories is going on here. Jack, the oldest of the group, who set the story-telling ball rolling, reveals an episode from his earlier life, which is of an entirely different level of seriousness and highlights how much the mood has changed in the course of the play's duration.



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The Cast.........

Jack                     Vince Perry

Brendan               David Mander  

Jim                       David Hales

Finbar                  Patrick Mulrennan

Valerie                 Sarah Stringer


The Cyts welcomed David Mander & Patrick Mulrennan to their 1st production with us.