Winners of the British All Winners,

Glasgow International

& Isle of Man Drama Festivals

Cytringan Players

Wow! Eighty glorious years, that’s how long the Cytringan Players have been around. During that time we have performed an eclectic body of work encompassing Godber, Genet, Brecht, Ayckbourn, Miller, Palin and Shakespeare to mention only a few, and the production for our eightieth year continues in this vein with:




Directed by Pat Bancroft


First performed at the Royal Court and starring Douglas Hodge this stinging satirical black comedy about ‘celebrity’ and the ‘media’ couldn’t be more relevant. Comedian, Barry, has everything, fame, fortune, a beautiful young wife, he’s loved by the masses as their ‘Mr Saturday Night’ and appears to have it all, that is until he arranges to meet John and Jane. Joe Penhall has won NT/West End- Oliver, Evening Standard and Critic’s Circle Awards for Blue/Orange, The Bullett and Love and Understanding and Dumb Show follows these by exploring our love of celebrity voyeurism and the moral bankruptcy of the tabloid media, and for those of you who follow our productions we have the very experienced cast of:

Barry - Vince Perry

Liz - Emma Payne

Greg - Wilf Portch


Does Barry deserve what happens to him, will he dodge the banana skins thrown in his path? Come and see if his fifteen minutes of infamy are overdue, if so, when laughter’s your living...... that’s no joke!