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Exciting news! The Cytringan Players are returning to Kettering to perform our latest play, ‘The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband’, by Debbie Isitt – Tuesday 7 to Saturday 11 May 2019.


Cytringan is the Anglo-Saxon for Kettering, which is where we started nearly 75 years ago. We’re very pleased to be working in a new venue, the Bonkers Playhouse, Kettering - brainchild of local theatre stalwart Mark Walker. Tickets are available from Bonkers Playhouse.


What’s the play about? Do you like a story of marital revenge? Kenneth and Hilary have been married for 19 years, until he meets an exciting younger woman, Laura. He desperately tries to keep his two women apart, juggling his greed for Hilary’s delicious home cooking, with the physical demands of his affair, until Hilary’s suspicions are confirmed and she throws him out. Laura’s charms soon begin to fade when Kenneth discovers that she can’t cook, and she’s permanently on a diet: ‘Why can’t she be slim and me be fat?’


There’s bound to be trouble when Kenneth accepts Hilary’s invitation for dinner, to celebrate his and Laura’s third wedding anniversary. Laura is less than happy about spending the evening with the ex-wife; Kenneth’s greed for a decent meal gets the better of him, and Hilary just loves to celebrate, ‘Any old reason will do for a little celebration’'.’ But what is on the menu?


The cast is – Hilary : Sarah Stringer, Kenneth : David Mander, Laura : Emma Legg. We’re really looking forward to bringing you an evening of cordon bleu black humour, with a touch of sauce, a little spice, and, ‘A surprise – that’s what we’re having for dinner – a surprise.