Winners of the British All Winners,

Glasgow International

& Isle of Man Drama Festivals

Cytringan Players

Membership Subscriptions


Full Members: £18 per annum

(£15 if paid by 31 August)

NB Full Members joining during the year will also pay £15.


Associate Members: £7 per annum


Annual subscriptions are due from the date of the Annual General Meeting each July.


New members: Subs are due as soon as you are cast in a play in order to be covered by insurance


Click here to access the membership application form

Committee 2012/13

Chair            Zandra Saxby


Treasurer     Brian Bancroft


Secretary     Sarah Stringer


Members      Paul Fowler

                     Kevin French

                     Pat Garton

                     Phil Inglis

                     Peter Laughton



Dates for auditions will be set by the Director of each play.


Other Costs

If you are selected to act in a production, you will be required to purchase your script.  

In addition, £1 per person will also be collected at each rehearsal, towards the cost of the hire of the venue.



Rehearsals are often held in Kettering, but on occasions we might rehearse in Wellingborough, Finedon or Northampton, depending on availability of rehearsal space.